BO Director Dr. Jerry Whetson was just finishing his report on the bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of the terrorist Sarah Natasha Stanton. She was an alleged suicide bomber working for the mysterious leader of an almost impenetrable gang lead by an elusive character named Jaji. That was all that was on file. In reality there were loads of lone events just waiting to be tied in with this gang but every time he came close to pinning them, they escaped with some little detail. Technicalities. That was the problem. The d*** terrorists did not have to conform to the bureaucracy he had to deal with every day.

Though Sarah Stanton was thought to have killed hundreds with her bomb (which also killed her) , there was evidence of foul play. Whetson stroked his beard covered chin and narrowed his hawklike eyes. Something did not add up. Especially the child. The child who was unaccounted for. The child who had been playing with a plane which was supposedly the detonator. The plane which was now missing. The plane the media had now renamed “The bird which never flew”. Dramatic idiots, he thought. He would have to get ahold of the boy. He was the key to this entire mystery.

He sifted through the files trying to get as many pictures of the boy as he could. There were a few taken by the cameraman who had been found murdered shortly afterwards. They showed the boy kneeling by the remains of the bomber. What was his relationship to the woman? Was he also a recruit of the gang?

His office door opened to admit his second-in-command and long time associate and close friend Adrian Daschous.

“What are you working on so late at night? Go’re like a workaholic man. Get some rest.” said Adrian.

“I’ve been trying to figure out this entire boy thing. Do we have anything on his whereabouts?” asked Whetson.

“Well we could have something by the end of this week. We’re following the priest who was there at the scene and later disappeared. He could probably lead us to this boy. Apparently every week he leaves his hometown and travels to someplace which no one knows of.” replied Adrian. Whetson looked excited and made as if to comment. Adrian forestalled him and continued,”But as of now we don’t know where. He’s very good at this. Gave our guy the slip twice and that’s saying something.”

“Well I want him in my custody and I want him there soon.”Whetson said vehemently.” He is the key. Find him and train him. If they have killer machines then we’ll do one better. Find the boy.”


Miles away a boy of eleven gazes at the stars and sees a lot more than any human can ever imagine. He looks at the constellations and calculates their relative distances and orbit radii. He feels the light pull on his senses which comes whenever he tries to focus on something hard enough. he wonders if he is sick or abnormal in some way. His eyes glow red in the darkness shrouding his hiding place in the meadow. Thats another thing he doesn’t think he’s seen any other child with red eyes. Maybe its just him. he feels very alone and confused. He longs for his uncle and his father. He can hear Jaji and the others searching for him,calling his name. But he is content to lie safe in the arms of the elemental surrounding him. At least they don’t treat him like he’s a freak.

Anyway they would probably make him do stupid training. Some twaikondu and kung fu and martial arts stuff. Stuff that he could do without learning. Stuff that he learned just by looking at the moves. He knew that his best friend Mitesh Rudani was jealous of his strange ability. Rudani would spend hours training rigorously and still not get too much progress. He guessed that this would come between them someday but for the time being he enjoyed throwing knives and shooting along with his friend. It was fun.

Ahh!! They were nearing. He got up and held out his hand gently to the elemental which had just then chosen to take up the form of an eel. This elemental was made of fire so it(he/she?) kind of glowed too much. Would freak humans out. So he had to get rid of it quickly. But you had to be careful and polite because these things were kind of touchy. So he said very politely to the gently glowing oblong,”Get lost.” Sincere enough.

The oblong swelled and pulsed and sort of vanished in a huff. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to meet his master. he looked at the long line of warriors,all dressed in robes, waiting to spar with him and sighed.This was going to be a long night.

Light years away another oblong glowed brightly,emitted a few sparks,burped and fell asleep for the night. The boy was safe. They would bide their time. A hand with long and slender fingers but no nails appeared out of a red robe. It gestured towards the elemental and delivered its message. Then it disappeared within the folds of the diaphanous robe and the red robed figure drifted out of the enclave. it was time to report to the Queen.

Father Joy Stanton sped down the highway at speeds clearly not recommended for those who wanted to live long. But he was pre-occupied and scared. If the authorities found the boy there would be hell to pay. He pressed down hard on the gas. The night crowded in on the car. He could feel his nephew’s strong mind sensing his presence and trying to gauge his distance.

“I am coming Michael. Be patient.” he thought and hoped Michael would be able to hear.

His nephew’s extraordinary abilities never ceased to amaze him and also sometimes terrify him. This world was not a very friendly host to the “different”. He had to get him away from Jaji and into normal environment,with normal kids his age. He would be fine then. And no one would be any wiser to the strange events of his childhood. But first he would have to get contact lenses. Coloured ones. To mask his red eyes. He heaved a sigh. He had a lot of work ahead.

Far away Michael smiled as he fought with Rudani. He loved his uncle to visit. Soon he’d be free…..


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