She looked at him in utter silence. Their secret screamed across the bitterly cold night air. She smiled at him, handed over the wrapped bundle and turning, left the glade.

He watched as the lights grew bright and exploded into a thousand small fragments. The ship whirred,roared lifted and glided gently out of this world. He clutched the bundle in his young arms and cursed silently into the night. Lone wolves cried loud and an angry moon shone down on the brow of  a hybrid hero newborn.

The winds blew mercilessly. The sheets holding the baby boy flew open and the stark scar on his throat burned bright in the moonlight. The stylised K was to become a myth, a testimony to the unexplained. The baby slept unaware while his father contemplated ways of  losing him.

The elementals stirred and homed in on the boy sleeping gently. They had found their target.

The boy opened his eyes,saw his father and true to the everlasting law of nature screamed long and hard into the night.

The saga had begun. The conflict had been born.


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