{March 14, 2010}   Nerdification-pedi-blues-cured

With all that’s going on in my life right now my roomie and I was bemoaning how we never get to go to a salon and pamper ourselves. No pedicure due to exams,lab and papers to write! 😦

So instantly it occurred to me in the shower that if I could make a machine to automatically give me customised pedicures at home. Yes I am trying to put a lot of people outta their jobs. What we need is for nails to grow to a certain length and stop. Also we need them to grow in shape and be strong and not break. Also it would help if they were coloured. Painting nails is painful.

Here’s what I came up with. If we put nail growth genes under an inducible promotor ,that is nails will grow only when stimulated by a particular compound,then we could control growth problem! Just take a pill-nails grow. Stop and voila they stop! So the strength is tricky…maybe a fusion of nail cells with collagen or some other strong protein?

The colour now…lemme think…well my lab has a GFP(green fluorescent protein) tag. We could use those. See we’d have fluorescent nails growing in shape till a certain length! Yay! 🙂


{November 21, 2009}   My Scream.

Why am I here,

In the middle of nowhere,

Shaking in fear-

Life is so unfair.


The empty rooms

echo in silence,

like haunted tombs-

In deathly cadence.


The tears flow unbidden,uncalled

Wretched I lay frozen and appalled

at my mind crowded in anarchy

Filled to the brim with lethargy.


So I sit alone and stare

Out of windows into dirty nights-

That unfold in tumultous despair.


Take me away, take me away,

From this place to the one I care.


Lift me away,lift me away,

From this hell to the clouds I pray.


And the silence screams into the darkness

Swallow me,Oh swallow me-ee!!


And the heart yearns into the stillness,

Embrace me,Oh embrace me-e!!


The fire burns down to ashes

The sun hides behind the stars.

The vacuum upon her closes,

Her screams ring from afar.


et cetera