{March 14, 2010}   My Days Of DAZE..contd.

Daze of mozarella.

So when I came to America I didn’t appreciate a particular dairy product as much as I do now. I mean appreciate the fact that it precludes all else in the American life. So here are my milestones in cheesy education.

1. So I thought cheese could be of only one colour viz. a vague yellow of a brand made by madly laughing cows. Correction. It can be of most pastel shades at the YOR end of VIBGYOR. Pretty much any colour is available.

2. I used to think cheese is like slices or spread. Wrong again. Can be shredded,fried,molten,spread,inside other food,covering other food,cooking all other food,embracing other foo… get the point. It adopts any size, shape and avatar it wants.

3. I thought cheese was called cheese. Big misconception. Apparently mozarella,parmesan,ricotto,parmigiani etc etc all refer to cheesy snacks. I’m still not sure whether I have this one right though.

I mean I was having lunch that day with my friends. So one of them takes out this packet filled with yellow fries. I ask him what it is. He looks at me incredulously. Like I am not a human being. (which apparently I’m not since I don’t like cheese…oops did I not mention that?) So apart from practically falling off the chair laughing at my miserably ignorant education he told me that they are cheetos..more like cheestoes..I thought. I mean we have cheetos where I come from they just don’t come with so much cheese.

Anyway I am still being educated and lots of people are tryign to convert my rebellious palate into liking cheese. But till date its still holding out! 😀 (I will be guillotined if even one American reads this. Cheese messiah insulted!)

Daze of nerdification.

I’m quite scared at how I phrase all my sentences in terms of heredity or genes. I mean that day I saw this question on my exam. The teacher had written in parenthesis that if we thought that we had a LTP failure because we couldn’t get the answer to the question;to rest easy as she hadn’t taught it. This cryptic message sent all of us into peals of laughter. Now if you’re not a bio major you’re obviously not laughing. The message simply said that if the question seemed beyond us it was not because our LONG Term memory(Potentiation) had failed us even after burning the midnight oil,it was b’cos she hadn’t specifically taught it. I wondered later that seriously? We were laughing over this? We were such nerds. Here are more examples of our Nerdification.

We refer to beer as an end product of yeast culture and wonder what would happen if we used mutant yeast..for eg. ones that can’t fun eh?!

We think of cleaning the house with absolute alcohol  before a sanitation check. Dehydration kills all animals right..toxicity index is very high!

We order a dish of neurons and rejoice over it.

We refer to memory loss as a dominant negative LTP mutation.

We obsess with worms mating and do a war dance when they do.

We feel wicked satisfaction if we can tear apart and invert(spill the guts out) of more than 10 minuscule happy glowing larvae in less than ten minutes.

We like the chromatinised versions of songs better. This means we like those which have lyrics from our genetics class sung to Akon or Jay-Z.

More on Nerdification Project later. When you relate to all of this you are officially a successful subject of this Project.


{November 21, 2009}   My Scream.

Why am I here,

In the middle of nowhere,

Shaking in fear-

Life is so unfair.


The empty rooms

echo in silence,

like haunted tombs-

In deathly cadence.


The tears flow unbidden,uncalled

Wretched I lay frozen and appalled

at my mind crowded in anarchy

Filled to the brim with lethargy.


So I sit alone and stare

Out of windows into dirty nights-

That unfold in tumultous despair.


Take me away, take me away,

From this place to the one I care.


Lift me away,lift me away,

From this hell to the clouds I pray.


And the silence screams into the darkness

Swallow me,Oh swallow me-ee!!


And the heart yearns into the stillness,

Embrace me,Oh embrace me-e!!


The fire burns down to ashes

The sun hides behind the stars.

The vacuum upon her closes,

Her screams ring from afar.


{November 14, 2009}   The Persistence of Memory.

Tribute to Salvador Felipe  Jacinto Dali I Domenech.

This maestro of the brush and charcoal was born on the 11th of May,1904,Figueres,Spain. He was the son of a well-off notary and was educated in the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. he gave his first one man show in 1925 in Barcelona. Dali met Gala Eluard early in his life and married her later. She became his principal muse and source of inspiration.

Dali’s paintings were mostly surrealistic. His work the Persistence of Memory with the melting watches is one of the greatest works in surreal art. But in the 1940’s his style shifted to the scientific and the religious. In his classic period after the WWII Dali drew 19 canvases on religion and his thoughts of science. He evolved constantly as a painter,artist and as a human; giving expression to his opinions through his art. Here are a few of his works.

The Persistence of memory.

persistence of memeory

The Geopoliticus child


The three sphinxes of bikini



The temptation of St anthonyDali_Temptation_of_St_Anthony

The ship



sleepDali mused on Freudian concepts and also experimented with the edges of reality pulling it to see how far it would go. In persistence of memory he is actually thought to allude to Einstein’s theory of relativity. apparently the inspiration for that came from looking at runny cheese. he was said to sit for days on end gazing into nothingness till the sound of a clanging spoon would stir him and he’d draw the first thing that came to his mind. His eccentricity and inner arrogance also spills over in his works. He was also given to frequently assigning animals to human emotions and everyday phenomena.

Here are a few more works done in even more surreal tones.

The necrophiliac spring flowering from a piano with a tail.

necrophiliac spring flowering from a piano with a tailThe hallucinagenic toreader


And this is my personal favorite. Seldom does an artist come around full circle to paint or even contemplate painting the disintegration of his own art. Dali tread that untrodden path back to one of his paintings. He painted the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory. For an artist that is bold and risky, for the second painting may well destroy the novelty and beauty of the first one, and invites more critique as now art lovers have a yardstick for comparing the imaginative clockwork of the same mind.

But then Dali says “Those who do not want to  imitate anything, produce nothing.”



Full circle of dreams

Here’s to the dreamy success of this surreal painter who lived half his life in our real world and half in the other dimension which most of us strive to enter and almost none of us ever understand. This is a tribute more to the definite and finite paradigm Dali created of measuring and defining surrealism rather than an appreciation of his skills with the brush (which were outstanding). This is a tribute to a man who walked unafraid in the midst of his bizarre dreams, and came back unscathed into a world where such images had no place. He took our mundane existences and turned them into celebrations of the abstract that is hidden in every one of them. He was a man who dared, who challenged. He was an artist who thumbed the dregs of Sanity and forayed into the frayed edges of the Insane and the Obtuse.


{November 8, 2009}   hourglass running…

Often in life we take people around us to be like images frozen in a frame. We think that those images will live on forever. That life will remain rosy and the sun will always shine. That there will always be a tomorrow to appreciate the beauty of that picture. Or even better to appreciate and be grateful to the artist behind the image. So often we just keep our valedictories for another day. Often we just don’t think that such images need nurturing,that they might need restoration.

But one day all of a sudden,out of the blue, you realise that too many such chances have been passed up;too many images have faded;too many restorations abandoned.

So I will get to my point never know where life will take tends to have a mind of its own..but before you completely get lost in the jungle of your problems maybe all of us need to touch up the colors on those pictures. We all think that those who matter in our lives know it and that we don’t need to tell them or show them whenever we can. But the truth is that everyone is insecure and at the same instant that you’re thinking whether the person in front wants to be with you or wants to talk to you-99 chances outta 100 they’re thinkin’ the same thing. Everyone is insecure. Everyone needs to be reminded they’re needed and are wanted and are loved.

So it takes only a few moments of your otherwise busy lives to drop a line for these people, to paint a new picture with them. But often we’re too busy for it. So go out there and spread the colors of caring. If you care then show it and do it soon. Also do it without expectation. Do not want to get frames back because often you won’t. Often people will not reciprocate but those who do will make your efforts worthwhile. So stop being selfish and open your arms to the world. Let them in and let your colors out. Paint the world in your faith.

Do it soon…the hourglass just turned.

Good hunting and God Bless.

So I’m really tired and really bogged down with like loads of stuff to I mean…thats the “loads” I’m talking about here and I have to hear lectures about brand names of labs!!! Thought I’d outgrown those when I was wearing cheap hogmarket stuff and the rest of the world was wearing Lee or Pepe..those were the painful days…so I hate brand names..NOT sour grapes I promise..this is totally neutral hating..(check out the use of oxymoron..nice hmm?)

But looks like high tech science labs can come up equipped with brand names too.!!!!  Yippeee!! YAYEEE!!!! Life is made!!! OOOhhhh!!!…okk you get the general picture of how a grad student is supposed to react to the aforesaid labeled lab. Think of how a slumdog-pauperionnaire would react to a Gucci dress…

So I got this Holier-than-thou lecture on how I should be kissing their holy rear ends because they had accepted me into their hallowed be thy Holy Holy Moley Ignatius lab..the brand name I was told would make my life. Look good on my CV. Get me into an even more highly hallowed holier-than-them lab!!!! So I was told to brush my teeth and stock up on mouthwash ’cause I was gonna hav’ to start a lot of kissing soon!!

So then the guy went on to say that it was a rich lab and how I should be grateful pathetically that it was rich and I needn’t place any limits on my thinking because hey they weren’t slumdogs..

If I was a rich girl (na, na….)
See, I’d have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl
No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end
Cause I’d have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl…naaaanaanaaa

Nice song..liked the pirates of caribbean feel…haha..

So notice how the central theme of what scientists are supposed to do and be is kind of forgotten legend. I mean ohh yeah we’re working for “humanity” and “cures” and “we care so we do”  and a lot of other stuff that has come down to getting brand named labs and hotshot publications…

So what if the rest of the world is waiting for a cure..they don’t understand what we do anyway..just tell them its complicated and more time consuming..and build your own career..Get that Gucci label on your CV. Oh and for this you need to work haaarddd…..

The trick to sounding harsh and intimidating while talking mildly is all in the intonation. All you have to do is get the right Evil Dead expression and the correct zombie voice form Thriller…put ’em together and wham!!…you’ve got scary “wo-o-o-rk H-aa-aa-aard!!!” repeat the words a few times and you’ve got The Haunting sequel right inside lab. Add the spice of a pin drop silent atmosphere,automatons moving around, a wicked witch of the West supervising you and you’ll be set for Blairwitch project II. In technicolor!!! The only saving grace is the advisor himself who is sort of a shy sweetheart who actually seems harrowed at so many vultures picking at HIS award. Sigh…so no go..I tried..and failed…I’m not hard asssed or sacrificial enough to want to waste 5 precious years in a morgue..0oops..lab..this sad…so I’m going back to my previous hippie beer toting advisor..yayy!!

Dust to dust ,ashes to ashes..

{October 29, 2009}   While my guitar gently weeps…





My legacy


Woke up this morning, from the wrong side of the bed,

The usual fresh morning looked so surreal instead.

Rushing out now it’s a new day at school-Planning ways to break yet another rule.

I’ll never let my teachers shake my sway-

I’ll never let my dreams slip and slide away.


So would you believe that I’m growing up now?

Would you believe that I manage somehow?


Looking back now we’ve made lots of green,

Though we never got to be the real dancing queen-

Scared I’ve got my hands in too many pies,

Hoping to just let sleeping dogs lie

I’ll never let the winters cave me in-I’ll never let life get under my skin.


So would you believe that my dreams have changed?

Would you believe that my heart’s in flames?


So fate looks on with eyes of pity.

As I still drain the last dregs of sanity,

So you may leave me, but I’ll still go on,

Singing myself a sad old song;

I’ll never give the devil my soul for free

I’ll never let the sun go down on me.


So would you believe that my life is tough?

Would you believe that I’ve finally grown up?

igethigh psych2




My ode


Hello Mr Moon,

The day is nigh,

The night is old,

Your story is told-Now rest you feet awhile.


Hello my friend-

The world is yet to end.

For long years now-

You must go around,

In you light the weary shall mend.


Hail thee, so bright so cold,

Your light does freeze my very soul,

Your halo burns any icy flame

Adorns the sky, so proud, so vain-

As slowly your many faces wane.


Hail thee, my hope, my prayer,

Who with the stars, the skies doth share

Who races with the fading dusk,

Basking in the little child’s trust-Given up to your tender care.


Hail thee, so white, so alone,

A reigning queen carved in stone.

Your starry kingdom bows to you as you travel all night through

Watching, waiting in silent repose.



My raga


When the leaves play gently on the harp of the wind;

When the rain sounds gaily on the chords within,

When the woodpecker beats a steady drum roll,

When the wind whistles on pipes-notes-untold-

Merging and blending a melody unfolds.


When the brooks gurgle through many a chord

When the fish chime in of their own accord

When the bird sing out a merry soprano,

When the snow falls in matching allegro-The symphony plays, filled with pathos-

Hark! The clouds thunder in mighty applause.

purple haze







My illusion


Sleep on sweet child-Lest they steal your sunshine;

Lest your cradle slips and falls

Lest the heathen world doth call-Forth fears that do not subside.


Dream on sweet child-For the colours within are safe and sound

For the colours without would only get you down

For the spring inside shall last through winters outside-

And preserve the little smile so proud.

final fant3

Sleep on sweet child-

The havens are lost and gone

The silver spoon doth shine no more,

The baffled seas hath no shore-

The fantasies have all come undone.

Dream on sweet child-

Lest they squeeze tears from your eyes

Lest they throw your faith to the winds

Lest the world to you does sing-

And wakes you from the tender sleep so kind.


My stolen


Time goes by without a sound,

Days of watching the sun go down

Crying into the empty nights profound-

Come morning wearily moving ahead.

Swearing to finally forgive and forget.

Dreaming all night of those promises so true-

Every dream still reminds me of you.


Life goes by, no shape no form,                                                          final fant2

Gazing at the perfect sky so toen

Nursing hearts so sick and lovelorn.

Treaidng the same old paths so tried

Searching for your flickering light.

Humming every day those songs so new-

Every song still reminds me of you.


Age goes by, and I’m still here,

Playing hide and seek with the grim reaper

Alone in a crowd, infirm yet proud,

Waiting for life to come undone

The hero inside as yet unsung.

Thinking of those golden moments so few-

Every moment still reminds me of you.

final fant4




Good morning..its a lovely sunday morning…err…spilling into afternoon actually,the morning was spent lolling in bed. So my grades have not arrived and I am pretending not to be concerned. My two cats Ferdinand and Dolce are driving me crazy especially since they have an acute case of fleas….!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they’re sweet and my aunt cleaned ’em out so all is good with the world except that I’m writing a totally pointless and not required piece of average literature and considerably boring those who have deigned to grace my blog with their presence. But people ;sometimes very mundane existences ,constitute extraordinary circumstances. Having waxed eloquent on how my hair tearingly frustrating blog can be of use to anyone…I shall retire for now. Have to attend to my daily ablutions. Has anyone ever wondered whether Cleopatra or Nefertiri ever got pimples and acne? I mean what would happen if Helen of Troy got acne…would paris have fought the war for a bee-oo-tea-phool woman…(screeech..) with err…ahem..acne? See I do believe history would have been changed if Ancient Egyptian beauties had breakouts of acne. Did they for instance use Egyptian mudpacks? If they did then I want some post haste!!!!! Besides  they used to like bathe in rosewater…I doubt we’d get such luxuries in our age..I mean you’d get the roses but theyd probably be genetically modified and sporting like three sectored colors on the same rose…wouldnt work as well as the blood red petals of nefertiri fame. Sigh…sometimes I wish I had been born like centuries ago and in a different part of the world. AAhhh…have to run to the restroom now…

Just as an aside didn’t the great warriors of all history ever have an emergency in the middle of a war? Wonder what they did then…did they jump around from one foot to the other trying to ignore the call of the wild..? Imagine Mark Antony or Alexander leading their armies on regal horses and squirming for want of proper sanitation…imagine the wars that have been decided for this reason….imagine Ceasar living because Brutus had to go attend to more urgent nature’s calls just when he was about to do his stabbing act….lol…

{October 25, 2009}   Renaissance art




sacred and profane love-titian

sacred and profane love-titian

So I’m gonna do like a feature on some renaissance men. The ones whose works I’m familiar with..and if I actually take art history as an elective I shall actually drop gems of wisdom on the human race. Otherwise these will just be contributions to an already crowded world of art  critique-cum-aspirant-trying-to-hide-their-inability-to-draw-a-straight-line blown away in the wind.

et cetera