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{February 26, 2010}   Gaiety

Ever wondered how heterosexuals are endangered species? All the good looking accomplished guys in the world are taken by equally terrible women or they are taken by equally good looking men! Either that or they are with their “brothers-in-arms” translated as their videogaming weedheading buddies. So girls with boys are endangered couples. But all of this is inane observation. My point is gay men are a gift to women. They are the best.

They are your best friends without the drama, hysteria or hyperventilation of your best girlfriend. They have no ego-busting-attitude problems like the egotistic men. They have no macho metrosexual i’m-still-a-male-but-need-hairgel-and-pedicure types that you get to choose from these days and they also lend you a strong shoulder without complications! See? Gay men can go shopping with you and won’t mind,they’ll discuss house decorations and provide their opinions,they’re cleaner and less moldier than most men and they’re not backbiting medusas like females! So for a girl a gay man is the best friend.

I have two best friends who are gay and every day I thank god for them. Long live gaiety! Love you guys… 🙂

{January 31, 2010}   Artechnology

Photography is currently a fad. Most people are fascinated by the number of new digital SLR top notch cameras around. Clicking photos has become an addiction for such proud owners of high tech cameras. Potential photographers vie with one another to “capture” moments and freeze them in digital pixels. So I wonder, is photography an art? Or is it simply a couple of commonplace,mundane pictures enhanced to look beautiful by technology? And why is it that we do not treasure blurred,dark photos supposed to capture that moment as much as its software enhanced alter ego?

I mean if you can take crappy photos and run it through a bunch of scripts to make it look like a work of modern art, then I guess anyone can be a Picasso…(though I don’t think he was too much into photography..sadly lacked digitisation..). People look at a potentially banging photograph and you can literally see the gleam in their eyes as they figure out how to increase contrast and brightness and do all sorts of technological trapeze artistry to convert it to natgeo level pic!

I mean am I the only one who thinks that a perfectly crappy photo taken by me at any instant,however blurry and unfocussed would be precious and inviolate? If I wanted natgeo versions of golden gate photos I could go online and get them. But the blurry camera  misfocussed pic that is my wallpaper is my own version of Monalisa! 😛

In the frenzy to use software and computer script to enhance photos people forget that they can simply take the picture again. also there may be some days that were faded,some birds that were unphotogenic and some flowers not pretty enough. But does that mean that photography is about the aesthetically appealing? About the perfect? About the beauty? About the image? About the skill? about contrast,brightness,removing redeye?

What about that crumpled,faded badly taken photo of my mum by me which has a special spot on the wall next to me? Technology did not touch its derelict remains but it is more precious to me because it shows the mood of the day it was taken…brings back memories of my first tries at photography and my joy in immortalising my mother.

So in the tech savvy domains of professional photography I wonder if its the expertise,angle and colors of the image that we see or the object in question? I love my digicam..but only because I can snap what I like when I like and keep doing it till I get the right image I want….not till I get a picture that is half good but can be touched up to look like a masterpiece. Besides even if I don’t, that terrible picture would be just as good, because its the essence,mood and spirit of the image that is important and that is frozen the instant a person clicks the shutter!

Chocolate. Chocolat. Cikolata. Schokolade. ช็อคโกแลต.(this is Thai). These Words when pronounced in any language and any accent produce the same expression of bemused Ecstasy of a person in the Agonies of Chocolate Slavery. I am a confessed Slave to the dark Aphrodisiac. My gastronomic lover and Ninth Muse, she resides in a special corner of my heart, ready to overwhelm my senses and befu-de-duddle my Brain. The thick,slurpy, depths of  pure molten schokolade was first used in a frothy restorative beverage by the Aztecs. Now you know the secret behind the power of that clan. Cacao bean derived Devilish Delight which the Egyptians called Tchocoatl.

Chocolat is a powerful yet benevolent master. It enchains one in its sweet taste while exuding an odor, which intoxicates like the strange scent of a woman yearning for her lover. It has ingredients that bewitch a cynical mind,buffer a lugubrious heart and excite the blood running through one’s veins. It is a patron to the soulless,a companion to the lonely,an addiction to the deprived. It is my master and my mistress,it is the Kane to my Abel, the apple to my Eve.

Coming down from the clouds and mystic haze created by the sweet high which comes from overdosing on cacao bean derivatives,let us foray for an instant into the origins of this wondrous elixir. it is made from the beans of a plant called Theobroma cacao. The beans are extracted, fermented and dried for about a week. Then its off to Willy Wonka’s factory!! So here are the technical details of Charlie’s visit to that factory which Dahl kind of glossed over. These bean shells are then separated from their insides called the ‘nibs’. This is the part that is used to actually make the thick chocolate liquor. These are then ground in a process called milling. (Sigh I am slowly getting bored…need more theobromin highs..) Then finally chocolate is made by adding milk sugar mix,cocoa butter(slurrrp) to the chocolate liquor. Voila! C’est magnifique!  Chocolat est pret!

Drifting into the dubious domains of purple haze now…ahem..we shall try to dissect the shroud of mystery behind the curious hold that chocolate has over its Senate. Chocolate mainly has the following-

Theobromin- A caffeine like molecule which stimulates the central nervous system and has diuretic and cardiotonic effects. In plain english that means good for the brain and the heart.

Anandamide- “Ananda” means happy literally in Hindi. This particular drug does just that. Makes you delirious. Its a sister to tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical we better know as marijuana. This does not have the seductive personality traits of its sister though and is not addictive..(though many chocaholics would disagree) essentially it has the same effect. Delirium.

PEA- The “Love Drug”. Wish I could bottle this stuff and market it. Basically phenylethylamine has the same effects as a tall,dark,handsome guy would have on the pulse rate and heart rate of the afflicted individual. Accelerate it manifold. Hence called mild love drug..AAAnd presenting the Do-It-Yourself Inducible lovekit. I like to call it the Opium den of chocolate.

Serotonins-  The dark silken surface of these bars hold another spike for your anatomical cocktail. These are chemicals which reduce depression. Clinically tested and proven. Lo and behold! Euphoria!

So all you worshippers in the Temple Of Chocolate, this is one addiction that will probably brighten your day,enliven your spirits,convince you you’re the next Jimi Hendrix and leave you praying for more. But this is one addiction you’ll never have to go to rehab for. So celebrate the enslavement of your palate and surrender the mesolimbic pleasure centers of your brain to the sweet ministrations of this dark and mysterious geisha! Go out and spread the word in the Republic of Chocolate!!

N.B. Currently this chocaholic is on a double high. Caffeine high-check. Chocolate sweet high-check. So I sincerely apologize for the mindless piece of pure and unadulterated crap that I have churned out in the grips of my purple haze.







{November 14, 2009}   LOL

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{November 8, 2009}   I wish I were…

The following are a few things that I have wanted to be in life and just being who I am got in the way of these shelved ambitions. I guess this is the only place that these will ever see light..even though it be of a slightly electrical nature..

1.I wish I were an artist, a painter…well that’s what I used to wish for with all my heart when I was young. To be able to paint so well and with such passion that Van Gogh would blush in shame. I wished to have my own exhibition with my paintings appreciated and hung out for posterity. So I painted and I reflected and time passed and the colors faded,the brushes grew bristle,the world grew older,reality intruded and the unpainted paintings wept in solitude.

2.I wish I were a music director…that’s my next passion. Music. It’s my salvation, my stick when I’m limping,my faithful dog when I’m blind,my tissue when I cry,my friend when I’m down,my expression when I’m dumb. So I wanted to devote my paltry life to its amelioration. I resolved to compose music that would add to the rich alcoves where fellow wanderers drifted in search of peace. But yet again being born where I was music was not an best it could be a companion not an ambition. So my unwritten songs joined the paintings in haunting the recesses of my fallow mind.

3. I wish I were a writer….She writes in beauty,she writes in fame,she writes in fantasy and distressed dames, she writes in love,she writes in faith. Her ramblings fill the sparkling skies,her words spill from pouring eyes, her wings spread wide-she stands poised to fly. Unfortunately I suffered a serious case of verigo and jetlag and decided to stay on terrafirma. Hence the secret words wait in silence to be imprisoned in ink and published in papyrus.

4. I wish I were a dancer…The girl goes dancing there
On the leaf-sown, new-mown, smooth
Grass plot of the garden;
Escaped from bitter youth,
Escaped out of her crowd,
Or out of her black cloud.
Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

Her toes have stopped twirling,

Her shoes are torn and frayed,

Her body has stopped feeling-

the happy rhythms of  songs played.

{October 30, 2009}   Wierd advisors

So I went to visit my potential next rotation professor and he’s like this really big shot. Great publications and a fellow for a reputed institution and all that. So I trotted along to his office with like stars in my eyes and dreaming of papers in Nature. I enter and he’s sitting at a desk with like a sort of a form in front of me. He examines me like I’m a fly on a fruit..(did I forget to mention it was a drosophila/fruitfly lab..) and motions me to a seat. I sat down without moving my bag or my jacket and hold on to my seminar paper for dear life. Which he misinterprets as being my CV. He then embarks on the Roman inquisition(more like Gestapo). He asks in a sonorous voice..”Do you have any questions for me before I ask you several of mine?” Eyebrows dance,fingers steeple and his eyes narrow on the insignificant fly quailing before him. The fly(oops thats me..) flutters around and tries to conjure an impressive CV only to have that balloon severely punctured by his overbearing attitude. Its like Hitler. Hypnotise the victims..brainwash…”I am doing you a favor by taking you on….” drone drone drone……

I mean do these professors actually forget their first days in lab…Thankless job it is..

If  grad student you become,regret you shall. May the force be with you.

{October 25, 2009}   Renaissance art




sacred and profane love-titian

sacred and profane love-titian

So I’m gonna do like a feature on some renaissance men. The ones whose works I’m familiar with..and if I actually take art history as an elective I shall actually drop gems of wisdom on the human race. Otherwise these will just be contributions to an already crowded world of art  critique-cum-aspirant-trying-to-hide-their-inability-to-draw-a-straight-line blown away in the wind.

et cetera