{November 29, 2010}   seriously?

I haven’t written my blog in so looong? I cannot believe this!!! Ah well Thanksgiving is over. My second one in this soon-to-become-my -home-country, I am stuffed with food and surrounded by family and friends, well fed and wined and dined.

So why do I feel unaccountably sad? Oh did I mention my sister is moving out? Totally random, But yeah she is moving out and she got all her furniture for the price of one piece of furniture in the states. I wonder exactly how cheap Indonesia is man!

Alright focus! I am hereby giving up on this blog. I am on a defeatist streak as of now.

Sometimes I wonder if I should leave behind some of my better literary work just so they dont fade into the same anonymity with which they were written?

As of 2010 july when I realized I wouldn’t be able to outrun the stupid alterego growing inside me and slowly taking over my senses, I decided that this is it. I shall stop being good and start being the badass I have always been inside.

I may also go back to becoming a recluse. that is a definite possibility as of now…


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