{June 22, 2010}   Confessions of a Kaotic Mind.

Its a crazy hot summer afternoon. My sister is about to leave for her home city in a few hours and I find that a few hours of afternoon siesta eludes me right now. I watched this movie called Julie and Julia.It is a very unique movie. Not your run-of-the-mill romance nor an action movie. It is..put simply a movie about the joys of cooking. But i hardly think cooking would have put me in the current state of disturbance. I am unable to sleep. The movie is about this girl who writes a blog about 524 recipes in 365 days. It is the only thing that she succeeds in finishing. Strangely enough I find that I relate to that feeling quite well.
Often I have come up with these brilliant plots for a book or a poem or a saga or a similar creative project that has my neural juices oozing with frank and unadulterated bliss! But very seldom do any of them actually emerge from my mental matrix. Trapped and lost in the mundane thought shredder we call “routine”!! Oh fearful word. ROUTINE!! I feel like the best creative moments of my ganglia are drowned by the white noise of daily work pressure. I can barely hear myself think because of the background radiation of stress.
So here goes. In a fit of sleep deprivation(literal here and not clinical) (more on the clinical later!) I hereby swear to honour at least half of the creative projects that arise in my chaotic mind and give fruition to at least a tenth of that half!
I simply had to get that out there though I know no one actually reads this s***.


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