{March 23, 2010}   Nerdification-rafts of people

So you know you’re a grad student when you refer to a mob of people in a visa office as a raft of lipids. Lipids are what our cell membranes are made of. Apparently they can segregate into phases called rafts. So this friend of mine went to NYC for some work at the consul office. He said he’s been held up there for like hours…(typical of any third world consul).
So obviously like the brilliant conversationalist that I am I asked whether there was a long line…(I mean seriously?). He replied saying it was more like a mob…something like a lipid raft.
We all groaned. Lipid rafts had been keeping us awake for nights on end. We were dreaming of lipid molecules with their hydrocarbon tails chasing us in our nightmares. But yeah, this is how a grad student looks at a mob….nanoscale assemblies of lipids into ordered rafts!


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