{March 14, 2010}   The titan returned

The titans roar and spit their wrath

The boy his heart doth weeps

His father flees the vengeful assault

The mother sinks to her knees.

And the sky turns frothing red

The river runs full and dry

With blood of minions yet unshed

Comes forth a haunting cry.

The Titan stands and beats his chest

Implores the lords to hear his plea-

“Ten thousand years have I roamed these lands

Ten thousand years have the people lived free

More than that have I borne your anger

Grovelled at your kingly stands

Pandered to your angels fears

Railed against these iron bands.

No more shall this prodigal suffer-

The indignity of a Fate so cruel.

Now these strong hands shall sever

the heads of many a human soul.

Do you see this wretch ye Gods?

Do you feel his despair?

Soon the grounds will stain red

rivers from his bloodied hair.

Ten thousand years have I waited for this opportune time,

It is finally come with your pathetic creation’s bow

to my superior existence. It is a sign-

The time to fight has come ye Cowards,

Leave thy lofty abode and descend

to meet your adversary. From this day forward

no longer shall you depend-

on enchained Titans to answer your bidding.

The time has come ye heathens,

To step from behind your betraying masks

And answer the cry of your creation-

Although a legion of angels would not save them from-

The Wrath of The titans returned.”


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