{February 26, 2010}   Gaiety

Ever wondered how heterosexuals are endangered species? All the good looking accomplished guys in the world are taken by equally terrible women or they are taken by equally good looking men! Either that or they are with their “brothers-in-arms” translated as their videogaming weedheading buddies. So girls with boys are endangered couples. But all of this is inane observation. My point is gay men are a gift to women. They are the best.

They are your best friends without the drama, hysteria or hyperventilation of your best girlfriend. They have no ego-busting-attitude problems like the egotistic men. They have no macho metrosexual i’m-still-a-male-but-need-hairgel-and-pedicure types that you get to choose from these days and they also lend you a strong shoulder without complications! See? Gay men can go shopping with you and won’t mind,they’ll discuss house decorations and provide their opinions,they’re cleaner and less moldier than most men and they’re not backbiting medusas like females! So for a girl a gay man is the best friend.

I have two best friends who are gay and every day I thank god for them. Long live gaiety! Love you guys… 🙂


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