{January 31, 2010}   Artechnology

Photography is currently a fad. Most people are fascinated by the number of new digital SLR top notch cameras around. Clicking photos has become an addiction for such proud owners of high tech cameras. Potential photographers vie with one another to “capture” moments and freeze them in digital pixels. So I wonder, is photography an art? Or is it simply a couple of commonplace,mundane pictures enhanced to look beautiful by technology? And why is it that we do not treasure blurred,dark photos supposed to capture that moment as much as its software enhanced alter ego?

I mean if you can take crappy photos and run it through a bunch of scripts to make it look like a work of modern art, then I guess anyone can be a Picasso…(though I don’t think he was too much into photography..sadly lacked digitisation..). People look at a potentially banging photograph and you can literally see the gleam in their eyes as they figure out how to increase contrast and brightness and do all sorts of technological trapeze artistry to convert it to natgeo level pic!

I mean am I the only one who thinks that a perfectly crappy photo taken by me at any instant,however blurry and unfocussed would be precious and inviolate? If I wanted natgeo versions of golden gate photos I could go online and get them. But the blurry camera  misfocussed pic that is my wallpaper is my own version of Monalisa! 😛

In the frenzy to use software and computer script to enhance photos people forget that they can simply take the picture again. also there may be some days that were faded,some birds that were unphotogenic and some flowers not pretty enough. But does that mean that photography is about the aesthetically appealing? About the perfect? About the beauty? About the image? About the skill? about contrast,brightness,removing redeye?

What about that crumpled,faded badly taken photo of my mum by me which has a special spot on the wall next to me? Technology did not touch its derelict remains but it is more precious to me because it shows the mood of the day it was taken…brings back memories of my first tries at photography and my joy in immortalising my mother.

So in the tech savvy domains of professional photography I wonder if its the expertise,angle and colors of the image that we see or the object in question? I love my digicam..but only because I can snap what I like when I like and keep doing it till I get the right image I want….not till I get a picture that is half good but can be touched up to look like a masterpiece. Besides even if I don’t, that terrible picture would be just as good, because its the essence,mood and spirit of the image that is important and that is frozen the instant a person clicks the shutter!


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