{November 21, 2009}   My Scream.

Why am I here,

In the middle of nowhere,

Shaking in fear-

Life is so unfair.


The empty rooms

echo in silence,

like haunted tombs-

In deathly cadence.


The tears flow unbidden,uncalled

Wretched I lay frozen and appalled

at my mind crowded in anarchy

Filled to the brim with lethargy.


So I sit alone and stare

Out of windows into dirty nights-

That unfold in tumultous despair.


Take me away, take me away,

From this place to the one I care.


Lift me away,lift me away,

From this hell to the clouds I pray.


And the silence screams into the darkness

Swallow me,Oh swallow me-ee!!


And the heart yearns into the stillness,

Embrace me,Oh embrace me-e!!


The fire burns down to ashes

The sun hides behind the stars.

The vacuum upon her closes,

Her screams ring from afar.



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