{November 14, 2009}   The Persistence of Memory.

Tribute to Salvador Felipe  Jacinto Dali I Domenech.

This maestro of the brush and charcoal was born on the 11th of May,1904,Figueres,Spain. He was the son of a well-off notary and was educated in the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. he gave his first one man show in 1925 in Barcelona. Dali met Gala Eluard early in his life and married her later. She became his principal muse and source of inspiration.

Dali’s paintings were mostly surrealistic. His work the Persistence of Memory with the melting watches is one of the greatest works in surreal art. But in the 1940’s his style shifted to the scientific and the religious. In his classic period after the WWII Dali drew 19 canvases on religion and his thoughts of science. He evolved constantly as a painter,artist and as a human; giving expression to his opinions through his art. Here are a few of his works.

The Persistence of memory.

persistence of memeory

The Geopoliticus child


The three sphinxes of bikini



The temptation of St anthonyDali_Temptation_of_St_Anthony

The ship



sleepDali mused on Freudian concepts and also experimented with the edges of reality pulling it to see how far it would go. In persistence of memory he is actually thought to allude to Einstein’s theory of relativity. apparently the inspiration for that came from looking at runny cheese. he was said to sit for days on end gazing into nothingness till the sound of a clanging spoon would stir him and he’d draw the first thing that came to his mind. His eccentricity and inner arrogance also spills over in his works. He was also given to frequently assigning animals to human emotions and everyday phenomena.

Here are a few more works done in even more surreal tones.

The necrophiliac spring flowering from a piano with a tail.

necrophiliac spring flowering from a piano with a tailThe hallucinagenic toreader


And this is my personal favorite. Seldom does an artist come around full circle to paint or even contemplate painting the disintegration of his own art. Dali tread that untrodden path back to one of his paintings. He painted the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory. For an artist that is bold and risky, for the second painting may well destroy the novelty and beauty of the first one, and invites more critique as now art lovers have a yardstick for comparing the imaginative clockwork of the same mind.

But then Dali says “Those who do not want to  imitate anything, produce nothing.”



Full circle of dreams

Here’s to the dreamy success of this surreal painter who lived half his life in our real world and half in the other dimension which most of us strive to enter and almost none of us ever understand. This is a tribute more to the definite and finite paradigm Dali created of measuring and defining surrealism rather than an appreciation of his skills with the brush (which were outstanding). This is a tribute to a man who walked unafraid in the midst of his bizarre dreams, and came back unscathed into a world where such images had no place. He took our mundane existences and turned them into celebrations of the abstract that is hidden in every one of them. He was a man who dared, who challenged. He was an artist who thumbed the dregs of Sanity and forayed into the frayed edges of the Insane and the Obtuse.



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