{November 8, 2009}   hourglass running…

Often in life we take people around us to be like images frozen in a frame. We think that those images will live on forever. That life will remain rosy and the sun will always shine. That there will always be a tomorrow to appreciate the beauty of that picture. Or even better to appreciate and be grateful to the artist behind the image. So often we just keep our valedictories for another day. Often we just don’t think that such images need nurturing,that they might need restoration.

But one day all of a sudden,out of the blue, you realise that too many such chances have been passed up;too many images have faded;too many restorations abandoned.

So I will get to my point never know where life will take tends to have a mind of its own..but before you completely get lost in the jungle of your problems maybe all of us need to touch up the colors on those pictures. We all think that those who matter in our lives know it and that we don’t need to tell them or show them whenever we can. But the truth is that everyone is insecure and at the same instant that you’re thinking whether the person in front wants to be with you or wants to talk to you-99 chances outta 100 they’re thinkin’ the same thing. Everyone is insecure. Everyone needs to be reminded they’re needed and are wanted and are loved.

So it takes only a few moments of your otherwise busy lives to drop a line for these people, to paint a new picture with them. But often we’re too busy for it. So go out there and spread the colors of caring. If you care then show it and do it soon. Also do it without expectation. Do not want to get frames back because often you won’t. Often people will not reciprocate but those who do will make your efforts worthwhile. So stop being selfish and open your arms to the world. Let them in and let your colors out. Paint the world in your faith.

Do it soon…the hourglass just turned.

Good hunting and God Bless.


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