{October 30, 2009}   Wierd advisors

So I went to visit my potential next rotation professor and he’s like this really big shot. Great publications and a fellow for a reputed institution and all that. So I trotted along to his office with like stars in my eyes and dreaming of papers in Nature. I enter and he’s sitting at a desk with like a sort of a form in front of me. He examines me like I’m a fly on a fruit..(did I forget to mention it was a drosophila/fruitfly lab..) and motions me to a seat. I sat down without moving my bag or my jacket and hold on to my seminar paper for dear life. Which he misinterprets as being my CV. He then embarks on the Roman inquisition(more like Gestapo). He asks in a sonorous voice..”Do you have any questions for me before I ask you several of mine?” Eyebrows dance,fingers steeple and his eyes narrow on the insignificant fly quailing before him. The fly(oops thats me..) flutters around and tries to conjure an impressive CV only to have that balloon severely punctured by his overbearing attitude. Its like Hitler. Hypnotise the victims..brainwash…”I am doing you a favor by taking you on….” drone drone drone……

I mean do these professors actually forget their first days in lab…Thankless job it is..

If  grad student you become,regret you shall. May the force be with you.


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