{October 25, 2009}   gunaydin…of Cleopatra and Acne..Nature’s calls and Alexander…

Good morning..its a lovely sunday morning…err…spilling into afternoon actually,the morning was spent lolling in bed. So my grades have not arrived and I am pretending not to be concerned. My two cats Ferdinand and Dolce are driving me crazy especially since they have an acute case of fleas….!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they’re sweet and my aunt cleaned ’em out so all is good with the world except that I’m writing a totally pointless and not required piece of average literature and considerably boring those who have deigned to grace my blog with their presence. But people ;sometimes very mundane existences ,constitute extraordinary circumstances. Having waxed eloquent on how my hair tearingly frustrating blog can be of use to anyone…I shall retire for now. Have to attend to my daily ablutions. Has anyone ever wondered whether Cleopatra or Nefertiri ever got pimples and acne? I mean what would happen if Helen of Troy got acne…would paris have fought the war for a bee-oo-tea-phool woman…(screeech..) with err…ahem..acne? See I do believe history would have been changed if Ancient Egyptian beauties had breakouts of acne. Did they for instance use Egyptian mudpacks? If they did then I want some post haste!!!!! Besides  they used to like bathe in rosewater…I doubt we’d get such luxuries in our age..I mean you’d get the roses but theyd probably be genetically modified and sporting like three sectored colors on the same rose…wouldnt work as well as the blood red petals of nefertiri fame. Sigh…sometimes I wish I had been born like centuries ago and in a different part of the world. AAhhh…have to run to the restroom now…

Just as an aside didn’t the great warriors of all history ever have an emergency in the middle of a war? Wonder what they did then…did they jump around from one foot to the other trying to ignore the call of the wild..? Imagine Mark Antony or Alexander leading their armies on regal horses and squirming for want of proper sanitation…imagine the wars that have been decided for this reason….imagine Ceasar living because Brutus had to go attend to more urgent nature’s calls just when he was about to do his stabbing act….lol…


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