{October 24, 2009}   Stereoviewer story

Okay so here’s the long awaited vent of my famous stereoviewer just kidding. So I sat down to give the exam _01 and they handed us with a sheet with two figures side by side. We were supposed to look at them through this high tech viewer(made of lens,paper and plastic..hifi!!) and perceive the three dimensional image. That is apparently at the appropriate distance the two images created by our eyes would merge and lo and behold reveal the secrets of 3D imaging…!!!! Would have been exciting had it not been a crucial ten point question on an exam..

So I read the question and we had to use those viewers to look at the figure of a complex structure and find a particular residue hidden in it. So I started. I did a lot of gyrating motions with my body,forayed into figure skating techniques and capoeira stances and…couldnt for the life of me get a single image of the figures!!!!! AARGH! So I moved the lenses closer..farther..closer..farther…and did this many times for want of any better idea. Anyhoo it worked and voila there was my pretty 3D pic!! And it was a beauty. Problem was I’d forgotten the question.

Layout of the situation: Eyes glued to viewer with body twisted at an odd angle and frozen in time. Diaphragm barely moving for fear of losing that particular view..and the question at hand neatly forgotten. Curses ran fast and thick through my lips and then painfully and with considerable anguish I lifted my eyes away from the stereo and lost my image.


Road to Mental illness: Start the whole process again and this time try to remember the question along with endeavouring to execute the optical gymnastics required…..

Here’s to my fellow epic failures at stereo viewers..

May your Eyes Rest In Peace..


P.S. Somebody gimme narcan please…frustration_release


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