{October 22, 2009}   Goose chase

So I am about to recount exactly how fried your brains can get if you endeavour on a grad student journey. So I come home especially late from lab with all my senses jumpy and jittery from sleepless nights and too much coffee and fall into bed. Then I embark on an exercise of admonishing myself to sleep. “Sleep…Slee-eee-eep…(threateningly) or you’ll wake up late and miss class….c’mon sleeeeep (hypnotisingly) ”  Well doesn’t work. HA HA no surprises there.

Then my bed vibrates like at least richter scale 7. I jump out of my skin and then slide shakily back into it when i realise its just my phone. I get a message which says quantitative homework is confusing and can I come online. Glad to get a respite from the tedious task of trying to force sleep onto riotous thoughts I speedily move myself to the computer.

Nows the juicy part. I pat myself on the back and say “Ah its ok,now I’m here..I’ll solve the sum in a jiffy!!”

So I read the question and talk to my fellow math tortured students on chat. Then I start expounding my knowledge on how the rate of disintegration is equal to that of synthesis…blah blah blah…she listens carefully….for about ten minutes there’s furious typing. Then pleased with myself I ask her if its done. She says that her initial answer was zero. So then this lenghthy conversation obviously means she’s wrong..right? I say err…ahem…humm…hawww….umm..its kinda right!!!

She’s ready to freak out. I’m still trying to fill air into my fast deflating balloon of smugness. epic failure. So having confused myself and my poor fellow homework group member(who was quite clear in her concept before I added my erudition to it) I loftily carried myself off to bed.

I shall recount the story of the magnificent stereoviewers some other day…..


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