{October 19, 2009}   champagne supernova

So here I am…the first day in my life in Hell…..which is also called Ph.D by the erudite and righteous wisemen. The world looks at us as if we are a class apart, a magnificent solar phenomenon just waiting to bag a Nobel and cure cancer..pshaw!! Actually we are a bunch of very poor pathetically intelligent students trying to fit into a world which won’t let us in..!!!! I mean the existence of any of us in anything other than the scientific world results in instant conversion of delta G to high positive values. The resulting balance of increased entropy is sadly lacking as we really do not get to let off our enthalpy..err..ahem..steam…
So end result you have couple of super intelligent dorks contemplating relativity, drinking champagne and hoping for a scientific supernova (read as a publication in a hotshot journal!!)
So here’s to all you Ph.D-frustrated-angry-with-life-and-lab aspirants..cheers!!!!!


Roshni says:

love ur writings… this is my next time pass πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

irinsade says:

hahaha…will keep writing and keep you updated on my haunted house sequel making..darn i need a video camera!!!

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